Thank you for coming
'Innovate Finance'
Davos - 25 January 2019

Our team was delighted to receive you at our unique gathering in Davos with the goal of demystifying blockchain to traditional finance decision makers in the most neutral way possible. We thank all our speakers for making this possible and hope to see you next year.

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For the first time, the best globally known experts in blockchain gathered to demystify blockchain for the world elite and explain in a practical manner how it will change our financial system for the better.


Get to know the people behind the event

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer
at CoinShares
  • Linkedin Meltem Demirors
  • Twitter Meltem Demirors

Jeremy Allaire

Co-Founder and CEO
at Circle
  • LinkedIn Jeremy Allaire
  • Twitter Jeremy Allaire

Riccardo Spagni

Project Lead
at Monero
  • Linkedin Riccardo Spagni
  • Twitter Riccardo Spagni

Brian Behlendorf

Executive Director
at Hyperledger
  • Linkedin Brian Behlendorf
  • Twitter Brian Behlendorf

George Kikvadze

Vice Chairman
at BitFury
  • Linkedin George Kikvadze
  • Twitter George Kikvadze

Emmanuel de Watteville

Managing Partner
at Blue Ocean Ventures
  • Linkedin Emmanuel de Watteville
  • Twitter Emmanuel de Watteville

Jeremy Millar

Chief Of Staff
at ConsenSys
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at Adgetec Corporation
  • Linkedin Mark Mueller-Eberstein
  • Twitter Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Nevin Freeman

at Reserve
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Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Brian Behlendorf
Hyperledger Linux Foundation

Emmanuel de Watteville
BlueOcean Ventures

Jeremy Allaire

Riccardo Spagni

Meltem Demirors - Riccardo Spagni - Nevin Freeman - George Kikvadze

Tweets of the event