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Davos - 22nd January 2020

The conference Innovate Finance ’20

Hosted in an exclusive brunch setting in Davos, the E8 event confronted head-on the worries and the hopes of finance today. The focus was on empowering fintech and blockchain technologies for a better financial system.

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Speakers 2020

Christopher Giancarlo

ex-chair, CFTC

Neha Narula

Director of MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Simon Weinberger

Managing Director, Scientific Equities at BlackRock

Pascal Gauthier

CEO Ledger

Adam White

COO, Bakkt

Jeremy Allaire

CEO, Circle

Dante A. Disparte

Vice Chairman, Libra Association

Andrew Peel

Head of Digital Asset Markets at Morgan Stanley

Rune Christensen

CEO – MakerDAO

Mark Mueller Eberstein



For the second year, the best globally known experts in blockchain gathered to demystify blockchain for the world elite and explain in a practical manner how it will change our financial system for the better.
E8 Partners Team Erik Roussel

Welcome Talk from Mr. Erik Roussel,

Christopher Giancarlo - ex-chair, CFTC

Modernizing financial infrastructure for the new digital age. How can this challenge be approached and what models are in place?

Adam White - COO Bakkt
Pascal Gauthier - CEO Ledger
Andrew Peel - Head of Digital Asset Markets Morgan Stanley

A fireside chat exploring the evolution of the digital asset industry, where it's heading, and why the institutionalization of digital assets is a building block for consumer applications.

Jeremy Allaire - CEO Circle
Dante Disparte - Vice Chairman Libra Association
Rune Christensen - Founder MakerDAO

Can new forms of digital assets (stablecoins) and infrastructure (self-custody) help solve pain points within the current stack to improve access and lower the cost to provide financial services? Is this actually a tech problem?

Neha Narula - Director MIT Digital Currency Initiative

Given the advent of Libra and China's DCEP, it is clear that central bankers must at least consider issuing digital currency directly. In this talk, we discuss goals behind central bank digital currency (CBDC) and three different technologies that might or might not be helpful in designing CBDC: decentralized consensus protocols, programmable interfaces, and privacy technology.

Simon Weinberger, Managing Director, Scientific Equities at BlackRock

How AI and big data are evolving and driving investment decisions for asset managers.

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